A match made on blockchain

Studyum and MVP Workshop integrate specialities to transform the edtech space

MVP Workshop, the leading developer of blockchain products in Europe, has officially partnered with Studyum, a promising startup working on remodeling the education paradigm by introducing a new learning management system combined with the latest technological advancements. The partnership is expected to considerably streamline the platform’s advancement through MVP Workshop’s expert product development process. 

Studyum as a learning management system relies on blockchain technologies, using its self-contained cryptocurrency, STUD tokens, to encourage learner activity within the platform. MVP Workshop, having already established themselves as specialists in the field of blockchain products by managing numerous multi-million projects such as Celsius Network and Polygon, will be able to impressively advance the Studyum’s design and development. 

MVP Workshop’s expertise lies in its ability to cover all areas of project development while awarding special attention to the particularities of the blockchain industry. They have successfully led several projects with similar requirements, designing and developing everything from tokens themselves to the entire blockchain architecture. Seeing as Studyum’s “learn and earn” system largely depends on its utility tokens, the partnership is bound to prove beneficial to both parties.

“MVP Workshop is known all over Europe and the blockchain industry for their innovative solutions, so of course we’re excited to work alongside them. We plan to launch Studyum across several disciplines in the next two years, starting with sports, wellness, and training in general. This partnership is a major milestone for both companies and I am certain we’ll accomplish amazing things together,” said Igor Dyachenko, Studyum’s co-founder and CEO.

Visit studyum.io and mvpworkshop.co for more information.