Studyum announces the new IDO date!

New IDO date and more exciting news!

To ensure everyone has easy access to STUD tokens, the Studyum project is spreading to other platforms, and we will be hosting the IDO on October 28th! We are happy to announce more partnerships have been established, many of which you’ll be soon hearing about!

Studyum has evolved. In short, here’s what that implies:

Multichain solution. Our project is evolving into a multichain solution — this means more accessibility, more scalability, and more options for users and investors. Becoming multichain also means we can now offer lower exchange fees and faster transaction times.

New strategic partnerships. We have partnered up with many companies and advisors who are experts in their respective fields. They will help us bring our project to completely new heights!

New launchpads. Besides OccamRazer, we are preparing a special new launchpad for you to get your STUD tokens through. Subscribe to our newsletter to be always updated on the latest developments within Studyum!

Making our STUD tokens globally available and giving you more freedom and options, we devised Studyum as a Binance Smart Chain solution. As BSC runs parallelly to Binance Chain, it goes without saying that STUD tokens will be available through both the Ethereum and Cardano ecosystems.

Why we are excited

  • Our users will be able to fastly and securely obtain STUD tokens through their preferred crypto ecosystem.
  • The increase in demand for STUD tokens means more early smart investors.
  • We are able to give back to the community that supports us.

Please note that, in order to fully prepare for the integration of the multichain approach, our IDO is scheduled for October 28th. This is an integral step in the Studyum plan to become a scalable global solution.