Studyum team vesting

Investors involved with token sales, ICOs, or IDOs like ours often raise concerns about the impact that company-held token sales can have on market value. With this in mind, we wanted to outline the Studyum team vesting program.

To provide the right level of motivation, we’ve allocated 15% of the total minted STUD Tokens to Studyum team members. However, these tokens are not immediately accessible. So instead, the 15% (150m tokens) allocation is divided into ten equal installments over three years. In addition to this agreement, team members have also signed a conduct policy.

As stated in our White Paper, team members may not sell more than 25% per year within the first three years. By implementing this strategy, we directly address what investors might consider a STUD Token volatility risk.

To provide peace of mind, we’ve developed and executed a programmatic logic behind this token allocation. This logic is in a ‘TeamVesting’ smart contract on EtherScan and contains a freezing clause, where tokens are released and withdrawn gradually by beneficiary team members.

The team payment schedule is as follows: